Monday, May 26, 2008


Yah so I've been neglecting putting up my radio mixes. So here ya go. From two weeks ago I believe.


We have a blog now... Tons of fun stuff. Rehearsal footage, show footage, audio, show pics, and random stuff we like.

Truth Radio Update

Hey Y'all. I didn't post my last radio show, and judging by the lack of Truth updates on here it seems all the rest of the boys followed suit. Hopefully after this maybe everyone else will post there's up as well. My show this week was all over the map, but had alot of new blends and illo remixes. Shouts out to Cashtro! He blessed the freestyle that starts off the show. I think we'll be seeing alot more of him in the near future.

Dj Illo - Truth Radio Show (05.24.08.)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Illo @ Plush!!!!!!!!

Gonna be another crazy night at Plush i'm sure! It all goes down this week, so check the flyer and get at me for all additional info. Big ups to The Livestock Family, Jeff H., J Swing & Flipout, The Freshest Kids, and all my vancity fam.

The Eh! Team BBQ

Last month we finally got the whole family together to have a bro-down for the ages. I may be the worst photographer ever, but you get the just of what went down. Great food, big drinks, and an afterparty at The Bluedog to remember. Big shout to Pammy for being the only estrogen provider who showed up, Platurn for reppin The Bay, Solepower for finally leaving Toronto, Orisue for the pics and food, and Lookout for helping with the cookout! More Eh! Team events to come to a city near you....

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Eh! Team VS Haul & Mason

The good homies Haul & Mason have invited The Eh! Team to come battle them on 4 turntables this weekend in beautiful Santa Monica California. The night is called Quality, and the music appears to be exactly the same. Good hiphop, funk, breaks, and dance music! For those of you not familiar with H&M, you need to get their Scion Live mix cd - its bananas. Heres a little sample of what they're capable of. Also hit them up on their myspace and say thanks for hollering at the team!!!

Haul & Mason - Queen vs Fela Kuti (Direct Link)