Thursday, May 27, 2010


When it comes to being the backbone of hip hop, Dj Scratch is one of the best and here is the vid footage to prove it. EPMD put on an amazing show that night but as a dj I was just as excited to see DJ Scratch cutting up the samples live on all of their songs the exact same way they were done as the studio recordings. If you haven't checked out Scratchvision yet, this is one of the only websites where you can see true legendary djs such as Kenny Dope, Primo, and Just Blaze on a weekly basis just to name a few.

Shout out to Frontline, Gman & Rizk, and Fortune Sound for putting on a memorbale event.

Special shout outs to Defenders Of The Faith, DJ Marvel and Marlon J English for holding it down for Vancity.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Van Morrison - Domino (Illo Disco Surprise Mix)

A song i originally premiered on Super 7 Pt. 2 with the homey JayCeeOh is now finally available for download over at my soundcloud page. Go check it out and some of the other stuff up there too!

Domino (Illos Disco Surprise Mix) by djillo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Frenzy 2: Rave Edition

What's crackalackin'!

So it's finally arrived, the follow up to The Frenzy! I'm really excited that i get to finally share this with everyone, it feels like this mix has been through hell and back... I started it almost a year ago and would work on it periodically for a few months here and there. When it was finally getting close to done, I found myself unhappy with a few chunks and went into more editing. By the time i finished editing and was happy with it, it for some reason would not render off my computer. It was just stuck there and i couldn't find the corrupt files within this mayhem of waves for the life of me. I let it sit for another few months until i realized how much room it was actually taking up on my studio computer. So i said, thats it, I either render or it, or delete it. With that, I gave it some patience/TLC and within a few days, BOOYA! I FINALLY got it!

So here we are almost a year later...

1. Kenny Powers & Stevie Jonawski Intro/ DZ - Down

2. Missy Intro/ Malente - Hyperactive (AcidKids Edit)

3. Malente - Hyperactive

4. DSK - What Would We Do

5. Chris Cornell - Part Of Me (Brick Bandits House Mix)

6. Rampage - Reactivate

7. Loleatta Holloway - Good Vibrations

8. Miles Dyson - Anthem

9. Baby D - Keep The Fire Burning

10. Rampage - Fire

11. Dj Bigga - Boeke Anthem (Bubbling)

12. Ze - Tambozao

13. Feadz - Subiu Descen Dub (Drastik's Party People Edit)

14. Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Douster Mix)

15. Charlie Glitch - Narko Polo

16. Duke Dumont - Feltham

17. Inaya Day - Keep Pushin

18. Hostage - BlockHead

19. Rob Threezy - You Bad

20. KW Griff - Don't Make

21. Dancefloor Killah

22. Destroy Disco - Here It Comes

23. Dance Area - AA24/7

24. Lonnie Gordon - Badmood (MK & Maw Dub)

25. Mikix The Cat - Check Dis Out

26. We Run This Shit

27. Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys

28. AC Slater - Hello

29. L-Vis 1990 - United Groove

30. Hot City - Setting Me Free

31. Rhymefest Shouts

32. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor

33. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (AfroJack Mix)

34. Mstrkrft - Bounce (A-Trak Remix)

35. Yo Dj, Pump This Party

36. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

37. Scott Cooper & Andy George - Jump N Twist (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

38. Scottie B - N*ggaz Fighting

39. Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly

40. Aaron Smyth - Dancing Is What I Do

41. Math Head - Do Damage (Passions Remix)

42. Rob Threezy - Xplosion

43. B. Rich - Can't Take What I Got

44. Rico Tubbs - Hip Rave Anthem

45. Rob Threezy - Lets Go Ravers

46. Marc Et Claude - The History Of Acid House

47. Surkin - Kid Gloves

48. Surkin - Kid Gloves (Bobmo Remix)

49. Music Pumpin

50. Figure - Aura

51. Zhana - Sanctuary Of Love

52. The Requesters - Strong Love

53. Herve - Deep House

54. Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down (High Powered Boys Mix)

55. Claire Hux - Down On The Floor (Solly Remix)

56. Emynd - Urgent Party Break

57. Juice String - Sex Weed (Laidback Luke Remix)

58. CLP - Ready Or Not (Dj Sega vs. Diplo Mix)

59. Blame - Piano Takes You

60. Dj R.L - NFL Horns

61. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Dj Sega Mix)

62. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

63. Nadastrom - The Way You Movin

64. Human Resource - Dominator

65. Barletta - Stab

66. Zinc - Submarine

67. Redlight - Rock The House

68. Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground

69. Sticky K - The Weirdo

70. Kid Kaio & Lucky Charmes - This Sound

71. Shake That Ass Bitch

72. Dj Gero - Savate (Kazey & Bulldog Remix)

73. Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Remix)

74. Kenny Powers Outro


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey everyone, the party in in just 3 days, and we're fucking stoked. Every time we do this party, we like to do a mix, and here's the 3rd one. We're super stoked to see everyone at Local 522 on Saturday, so we hope you enjoy the mix, and we'll see you then.



Magic City Band - Dancin
DJ Pump - Girl, Turn Me On
Sugar Hill Gang - For The Lover In You (DJ Pump Edit)
Gonzales - Let's Ride (DJ Pump U-GO-B's Disco Mix)
Stelee Up - Waiting For You
O'Spada - Time (DJ Pump Suck Shaft Remix)
Strafe - Set It Off
Freeez - I.O.U
Bonjay - Gimme Gimme (Smalltown Romeo rmx)
Steve Starks - Lydia (Smalltown Romeo rmx)
Supermen Lovers - Family Business
Rory Phillips - Solar Breakfast
AJK - Insomnia
Neighbour - Toute Freak
Ruffy & Tuffy - The Pound Of Rock

Oh shit Calgary! The S.T.U.D.S. are back again. It's been a minute, but after 3 long months, and about a gallon of make-up remover, it's time for Stars and Muscles 3.

Last time was a blast, it felt like 6 hours of puberty, and this time will be better yet, with cheap drinks and great sound. So come and get slippery with your hunky hosts, Le PUMPeroni and Wax Romeo, as they run through a hard bodied mix disco, funk, italo, house, 80's, and all kinds of other fun shit. No commercial jams.

Stay tuned for the "Stars & Muscles vol. 3" mix, to be posted here shortly...

Gonna be a party, so see you then, 'cause Stars are forever, and Muscles are for fun. B.Y.O.S.***

(Bring Your Own Sweat)


May 4th, 2010 / Forutne Sound Club, Chinatown, Vancouver, BC
reviewed by Rhek

A Nice and Smooth show in 2010 is supposed to be a disaster. It should be a
meager crowd of like 16 awkward 30 something male rap dorks and a lackluster
performance by 2 fat old men who are out to grab a quick buck as a Golden
Era throwback memory.

Instead it was raging house party with your two favorite charismatic black
Uncles. They danced sang and rapped non stop and spent most of the night
doing so off stage and in the crowd. It was a god damn house party gong show
dance festival as opposed to a concert and it was mad fun. Basically If
cocaine ever got depressed it would sniff Nice and Smooth to feel good. And
the tribute to their friend Guru was so heartfelt and genuine (plus they
also called Solar out as basically being responsible for Guru's death).

Random things that should be bad but weren't because of the party atmosphere
they created:
- They did a total of like 4 songs all night and 2 of those they songs did
twice - but it was still incredible
- like any good drunk uncle they hugged girls for awkwardly long amounts of
time (and Greg Nice was sweating more than Patrick Ewing).
- Smooth B did a whole verse over Bob James Nautilus (this is 2010)
- they did a retarded amount of call and response but it felt legit
- the crowd got to do a Hip Hop Karaokee version of Audio 2 "Top Billing"
over a Greg Nice beatbox cept Smooth B kept coming in with the wrong vocals
at the wrong time
- they did accapella versions of their songs (they probably only have like 2
of their own instrumentals)
- Greg Nice called out all Asians in general (and specifically Needle
Kineval) for being shy and then invited them all on stage
-they dragged Rob Rizk and Craig Frontline on stage just to thank them for
throwing the show.
- it was a fucking Nice And Smooth show in 2010

SUMMARY: Legendary awesome energetic show that was really fucking fun to be
at and I'm really hungover today plus I lost my voice.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homework - 1st Edition

In an effort to get back into posting, and also to recommend some great music to check out, i've started a new feature called "HomeWork" for the blog. Every couple weeks myself or one of the eh team guys will post links to forgotten or lesser known music videos, as well as their purchase link. To make it easy I decided Discogs would be the easiest place to buy the vinyl (because they have the biggest selection). I have also included some digital links, but again not all of them. Do yourself a favour and look around - lots of amazing music out there!

Feel free to respond with your own links and videos and hopefully we can all get learnt....

HomeWork - 1st Edition (House Classics & Loft Jams)












Sunday, May 2, 2010


If you haven't been to a Shuffle Party it goes down every last Friday of the month @ Revival in Toronto. Dj Drastik and I got to rock the April Edition. Special shout outs to the homie Brock, Lo, T-rexx, Abby, The Livestock Crew, 1LOVETO, Ideall, Tom Wrecks, the sound guy, all the big booty girls who pushed our dj table back a foot, Ushers background dancer, and the brotha who kept asking us to play some P Reign.

Shuffle (April Edition) from T-Square Media on Vimeo.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010


*Taken from Keys N Krates Blog

The story behind this whole remix is kinda cool. We basically came up with the basis of it while jamming in the rehearsal room... then we added Tune's Mother's voice to it and it was like wooaaah and we started performing it at all our shows. We then decided to produce it up in the studio to make it big and D.J. playable,, so we enlisted the help of the very talented producer/dj/smokedmeateating Grandtheft ... .... Definitely an ill collabo. Look out for more collabos between KnK and GT coming in the near future....