Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Closer Club Rmxs

My homey Cashtro aka Cashtro Crosby sent me a remix of "Closer" the other day, and basically in the rap mixtape game that means you spit your own verse over the original track and its a wrap. Well i couldnt leave my man hanging, so i threw together a club remix of Ne-Yo's joint and put his verse in the right spot. This was all done in about an hour or so. I actually wanted to do a remix when I first heard the original track, but Dj Booman from Baltimore already handled that proper, so i figured why bother. Anyways, heres both versions for y'all to get jiggy in the club with.

Ne-Yo ft Cashtro - Closer (Illo Club Rmx)

Ne-Yo - Closer (Dj Booman Club Rmx)

Check out my homey Cashtro here.

Check out the homey Dj Booman here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Footage of Keys N Krates @ Wrongbar. Illo and Hedspin of the Eh Team were also on the bill that night and ripped the place in half in the opening and closing sets. Retarded night overall.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So a whole slew of Rappers were in Toronto yesterday for the now annual "ROCK THE BELLS" festival. I stayed home and worked on music. I just couldn't bring myself to stand with a bunch of sweaty ex-raver white kids for 8 hours. Remember when rap shows had actual rap people at the shows? It's like a carnival now. Anyways,, one of the acts was Nas,, who to me is one of the greatest rappers, but one of the most inconsistent artists. Don't argue with me about him and Jay. That gets me really annoyed. Anyways, I still love Nas, and to (pause) prove my love, I made this FUNK RMX/EDIT whatever the hell you wanna call it version his classic joint "Memory Lane." Okay fine the shit really had nothing to do with Nas or Rock The Bells. I just made it for no reason. Just leave me be.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Eh! Team In VICE Magazine

The Eh! Team x Orisue 2 page summer spread came out this month. Luckily for us this months issue happened to be "The Photo Issue" so its larger in size than average (pause). It looks like a poster. Your girl may even try to put this on her wall...............

Friday, July 11, 2008


Stevie Wonder is gonna be here in Vancouver tomorrow at GM Place. Unfortunately I won't be here to catch the show. I've seen him perform twice already, first time was in Japan at Osaka Jo Stadium, and the second time was at a vineyard in Seattle. Being a huge fan of Stevie Wonder, I have to say that seeing him live is one of the best shows I have ever been to. My man Pump just saw him for the first time in San Francisco and he said the same thing. That being said, I posted an 8 bar edit of Boogie On Reggae Woman done by myself, a remix of All I Do by my man U-Tern, also a resident of Vancouver. I've been bumping his new Love Lost Mix on Brooklyn Radio alot lately. LISTEN TO IT HERE
Last but not least is a remix of Positivity by Mark Ronson. If you have a chance to see Stevie Wonder in your home town.....DON"T SLEEP.




Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So the whole team is gonna be in Calgary this weekend for The Calgary Stampede. This is the first time that I'm gonna be out there to experience this event and the festivities that take place are off the chain. My friend Sarah who is out there working for Playstation sent this pic which apparently is a good indication of what to expect when we are out there. To get everyone in Stampede mode I decided to rip one of the very few country records in my collection. This one is by Kenny Rogers off the Kenny album which dropped in 1979. It's called You Turn The Light On. Ill drum breaks throughout the whole song.


Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hate airports. So many lineups,,, so much walking and sweating,, take this off,, lift this,, show this. While I'm on this some of you people out there with bad flying etiquette really need to take a class. It's not okay to grab the back of the person's seat in front of you when you are getting up to go to the bathroom. It wakes us up, and it's annoying as shit. Who told you this was okay? WTF! Anyhow, nonstop travelling this whole week for me,, but the song in my ipod that got me through it was this joint by Digitalism, which is by know means new, but since I was (pause) bangin it this weekend I thought I'd post my old beefed up edit of it.


Friday, July 4, 2008

No Sex For Ben ILLO EDIT

Its been a while since i posted an edit that ive done, so here ya go! Because this song hasnt really officially been released yet (its on GTA 4), alot of people are sleeping on it. I think its got really wide appeal for different dancefloors, and i tried to make it even more dancier by speeding it up alot and thickening up the punch to it. The chorus sounds alot better with the 4x4 kick on it, and the intro & outro drums are fun to play with too! Thanks Timbaland!

The Rapture & Timbaland - No Sex For Ben (Illo Edit)