Monday, October 27, 2008

NYC Radio

I remember back in the day when i would go to NYC, i would bring my own radio tape deck so that i could record the radio shows that i heard all weekend long. Kid Capri, Pete Rock & Marley Marl's "Future Flavas, Stretch & Bob, even Funkmaster Flex. I used to bug out on the new tunes they played! Nowadays........... Not So Much! I listened to the radio this weekend, and only heard like 6 songs the entire time i was there. Repeat, repeat, repeat...... OMG someone kill me. Its a shame really.

There was one bright spot to all this. I heard a song by these girls who i had never heard before, and it featured a verse by this guy which is pretty nice. I also made a little edit that goes right into the rapping. Im sure im pretty late on this one and we'll all be sick of this song in a moment so enjoy it now while you can.

Illo's Just The Rapping Edit

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This was a radio show I did recently but never got around to posting. This is the uncensored version without the radio tags.

Untagged Uncensored Uncut

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so this is real old. Buuuut, someone brought this upto me the other day, and I was like oh yaaaaah. I forgot about this. So, since I didn't post anything last week I thought I would throw this up for good measure.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here's a quick edit I made of Yellow Magic Orchestra's Computer Games. To learn more about Yellow Magic Orchestra click here

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Games

Check The Video:

Tainted Love Edit

The South Rakkas are one of my favorite producers in the game right now. They keep coming with original, spacey riddims that never fail for the dancefloor. This edit may seem weird to those who are familiar with the orginal version of this song, because i slowed it down so much. But i wanted to play this version of Tainted Love with the Soft Cell version, so too bad!

Elephant Man vs South Rakkas - Tainted Love (Illo Edit)