Sunday, November 18, 2007

Truth Radio (17/11/07)

So heres my new mix from this weekends' Truth Radio show. This is a little hiphop / funk&soul mix to remind Pump & Hedspin that they aint the only one with old records!! HAHA. I was going to do a little mix of everything but figured, why not do an all hiphop mix. Its been long enough! Enjoy!

As an added bonus, ive been ripping alot of records lately so i figured id give an example of what "old records" i was talking about earlier. This isnt rare, but seemed to slip under the radar because most of the songs on the LP suck. I remastered the wav too so that the drum break would stand out a little more.

Shalamer - Take Me To The River

Truth Radio Show (17/11/07)