Thursday, January 3, 2008

High Pressure Times (Grandtheft Remix)

Okaaaay. So finally I am posting on our blog... My first post. And the first Eh! Team post in '08. I have been making alot of stuff, so yall are gonna get sick of hearing from me up here this year!! I thought I would lead off with this remix I did of High Pressure Times by The Units. Resonator Mag posted it a week or two back. My homie gave me this awesome original song that I think is from the 70s and by some band that I cant find any info on... Anyway, I freaked it. To many many more remix posts in 2008:::

High Pressure Times - Grandtheft

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Safari said...

U R on my list!
Happy New Year boys..
Check my blog and get with the movement.


Miami said...

yo the band i believe is from san fran.. the lp is entitled "digital stimulation". i was pleased to hear this nice remix on the mix ya'll put on soundcloud.

large up ya'self..
mr brown