Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Preachin' The Truth

It was my pleasure of running the Truth Radio show this week again on FLOW 93.5. I decided to switch it up again by doing the first part of the show "ina di dancehall stylee", which i don't get the opportunity to do enough. Lots of layers and blends here, and then end it off with the usual hiphohp and dance chunes. Also, check the first tune on the mix, its a new partybreak i havent really brought out the stash yet. Hope you like it!

Dj Illo - Truth Radio Show 02.09.08


Alejandro said...

Dope set. Yo what's that synth track that comes in around 23:50. I need that ish in my life.

Alejandro said...

That Feist Blend is also the shit. ID on the instrumental!!