Monday, October 27, 2008

NYC Radio

I remember back in the day when i would go to NYC, i would bring my own radio tape deck so that i could record the radio shows that i heard all weekend long. Kid Capri, Pete Rock & Marley Marl's "Future Flavas, Stretch & Bob, even Funkmaster Flex. I used to bug out on the new tunes they played! Nowadays........... Not So Much! I listened to the radio this weekend, and only heard like 6 songs the entire time i was there. Repeat, repeat, repeat...... OMG someone kill me. Its a shame really.

There was one bright spot to all this. I heard a song by these girls who i had never heard before, and it featured a verse by this guy which is pretty nice. I also made a little edit that goes right into the rapping. Im sure im pretty late on this one and we'll all be sick of this song in a moment so enjoy it now while you can.

Illo's Just The Rapping Edit

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