Thursday, April 1, 2010


We got a new addition to the Eh! team crew... welcome, DRASTIK

Drastik... battle DJ turned party rocker. From Ottawa. Just won the Canadian Red Bull 3Styles Finals and will be reppin at the worlds in Paris on Dec 10, 2010. He's one third of the production crew the Stylusts (along with the Eh! Teams Illo and Tom Wrecks), who will be releasing a record on Tremendous/Last Gang later this year.

Download The Frenzy

here's some info on him... ripped it off his Myspace

27 years old hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada
Dj'ing for about 13 years, producing for a little over 2
Founder and member of The Stylusts (Tom Wrecks, Illo & Drastik)
3 time Canadian DMC Champion, Redbull Thre3style Canadian Champion
Co-Owner Of Straight Goods with Iggy Smalls
Resident of the infamous Disorganised party (R.I.P) alongside Jokers Of The Scene
Lover of ... Chicago house, Detroit techno, Baltimore club, French electro/house, UK funky, 2 step, garage, dubstep, fidget, bassline, disco, dancehall, roots & dub, 80's & 90's R N B, late 80's / early 90's rave/acid/techno/freestyle/diva house/hardcore, Miami bass, Chicago juke, ghettotech, d n b, breaks, funk, classic rap, classic rock, indie rock, 80's new wave, my family & friends, my girl, Coke Cola Classic, mixtapes done right, traveling, watching survival shows, Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, Family feud, skateboarding, HBO, Will Ferrell flicks, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 & 4, youtube, vice do's & don'ts, Kenny Fucking Powers, Freaks & Geeks, Paris, Amsterdam redlight wandering, Hong Kong peek beers, Vancouver sushi, jerk chicken, Heineken, Tsingtao, Red Stripe and pretty much anything or anyone that inspires me

You can download his winning 3Style finals set HERE and read an interview with him HERE


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WHAT! I didn't know there were team try-outs.

Juan said...
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SkareKrow said...

Welcome aboard Pat! I've had that Frenzy mix for some time, it's dope. Also heard you were bringing out The Frenzy 2 mix sometime soon, can't wait for that.