Wednesday, May 5, 2010


May 4th, 2010 / Forutne Sound Club, Chinatown, Vancouver, BC
reviewed by Rhek

A Nice and Smooth show in 2010 is supposed to be a disaster. It should be a
meager crowd of like 16 awkward 30 something male rap dorks and a lackluster
performance by 2 fat old men who are out to grab a quick buck as a Golden
Era throwback memory.

Instead it was raging house party with your two favorite charismatic black
Uncles. They danced sang and rapped non stop and spent most of the night
doing so off stage and in the crowd. It was a god damn house party gong show
dance festival as opposed to a concert and it was mad fun. Basically If
cocaine ever got depressed it would sniff Nice and Smooth to feel good. And
the tribute to their friend Guru was so heartfelt and genuine (plus they
also called Solar out as basically being responsible for Guru's death).

Random things that should be bad but weren't because of the party atmosphere
they created:
- They did a total of like 4 songs all night and 2 of those they songs did
twice - but it was still incredible
- like any good drunk uncle they hugged girls for awkwardly long amounts of
time (and Greg Nice was sweating more than Patrick Ewing).
- Smooth B did a whole verse over Bob James Nautilus (this is 2010)
- they did a retarded amount of call and response but it felt legit
- the crowd got to do a Hip Hop Karaokee version of Audio 2 "Top Billing"
over a Greg Nice beatbox cept Smooth B kept coming in with the wrong vocals
at the wrong time
- they did accapella versions of their songs (they probably only have like 2
of their own instrumentals)
- Greg Nice called out all Asians in general (and specifically Needle
Kineval) for being shy and then invited them all on stage
-they dragged Rob Rizk and Craig Frontline on stage just to thank them for
throwing the show.
- it was a fucking Nice And Smooth show in 2010

SUMMARY: Legendary awesome energetic show that was really fucking fun to be
at and I'm really hungover today plus I lost my voice.


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ryan somers said...

i could not have summed it up better myself. what a night!

alex said...

"sweating like patrick ewing"that's funny.