Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dj Eleven - Every Freakin (ILLO + KAEM REMIX)

Well after waiting some time im proud to say that a new remix i made saw its official release yesterday! The big homey Dj Eleven (The Rub, NYC) asked me to remix his new single "Every Freakin" for his own 11 Inch Records Imprint. Me and my music writing partner Dj Kaem turned in a Futuristic Funk number complete with talk-box and live bass. The release also features great mixes from Dj Ayres, Mike The 2600 King, and of course Dj Eleven featuring our Freshest Kids homey Kutcorners.

The release is now available at all of the top retailers, including Turntable Lab where they picked my remix as a "hot fire" track selection. I would love to see some of you support it so please follow the links below and help me spread the word as much as possible.

Every Freakin' feat. Mike Baker The Bike Maker (Illo & Kaem remix) by djillo

Turntable Lab