Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dj Illo - Live In The Bassment

Many people probably dont know, but when i was younger i used to learn everything about pop/youth culture from my older brother James aka Dj Jamez. When he bought a guitar, i bought a bass. When he bought a pullover jacket, i bought one too! Etc, Etc, Etc... So after we bought tuntables in 1994 i would also get advice on what records to buy. We would then go downstairs in my parents basement, smoke weed, and mix records for hours every single night. We'd also record mixtapes for our friends, with no pre-planning or discussion, just press record and go...

As technology has advanced and my own responsibilities have increased, this old practice has disappeared from my everyday life, and with it a piece of my upbringing has as well. So i've decided to pay an homage to my roots as a dj and start putting out more "Live Bassment Mixes" over the next few months. It's something ive been meaning to do for a while but havent gotten around to doing it...until now.

This mix represents a sound from 90's House Music that sounds as good as today as it ever did back then. With all the pitch-bending, wobbly lfo's, and car alarm House tracks coming out these days, it really makes this sound standout. Infectious vocals, beautiful rhodes, and piano stabs are the theme. Not all these songs are from that exact era, but they all embody the sound.

So this mix (live on 2 turntables, no effects, no re-dos) is dedicated to the man who got me started djing in the first place - my older brother James.

Dj Illo - Live In The Bassment (Classic House Sessions)

1. The Spinners - I'll Be Around (Simp-House Mix)
2. Jomanda - Got A Love For You
3. Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Steve Silk Hurley Remix)
4. Raze - Break 4 Love
5. Aaliyah - One In A Million (Geoffrey Curtis Remix)
6. K.C.Y.C - 4 D.D. (For Devotion) (I Want You Mix)
7. Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (MAW Dub)
8. Shaun Escoffery - Days Like This (Dj Spinna & Ticklah Remix)
9. Alexander O'Neal - Lets Get Together (Classic Stomper Remix)
10. India - To Be In Love (Universe Remix)

Dj Illo - Live In The Bassment (Classic House Sessions)

BONUS - If you'd like to stream the mix, you can do so by clicking on the link below which streams directly from our MixCloud page.

BONUS - Check out my brothers Soundcloud page and watch for him to be posting his own mixes as well. He's already got a great deep and slow disco mix up on there now.

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