Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eh! Team Goods Edits Pack Volume 1.0 on Turntable Lab

The Eh! Team DJS - Pump, Hedspin, Illo & Drastik - have made a name for themselves in "The Truth North" as DJs who own deep crates, but can also cold rock a party. This release of recent remixes and edits shows their affinity for both, while keeping the overall feel of the EP funky and soulful. More "cut and paste" style then full on production, these edits are fun and simple, and are clearly designed for the dancefloor. Tasteful remakes of classics from The Jackson 5, Sly Stone, Michael Wycoff and Chuck Brown will certainly be a favorite amongst most at first listen, but hip-hop remakes from Big Boi and Erick Sermon can hold their own as well. Sit back, crack a Labatts, and watch the party start to take off!

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