Friday, May 4, 2012

Eh! Yo Canadian Tour

Eh yo, Canada. Catch Pump & Hedspin in your area this month!

Parties pop off anywhere nowadays. When they do, it's best to have two of the most versatile DJs you can find to turn loose on the decks. Introducing Pump and Hedspin. Brothers from some parallel reality, Pump of Calgary and Hedspin of Vancouver were likely drawn together by their shared Filipino-Canadian heritage, extreme amounts of time spent on the Internet and affinity for practical jokes - often on each other. But it's their uniform excellence in the art of professional party-starting that permanently forged their bond. Why rock solo when you can swap cuts with your musical equal?

The lucky crowd at a Pump and Hedspin jam is the biggest winner in this arrangement, however, with partygoers potentially receiving twice the hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, disco, house, electro, rock, original edits, aggressive mixes, dynamic cuts, exhilarating back-and-forth interplay and massive payoffs they might have been ready for, but loving it nonetheless. Because to witness one of Hedspin and Pump's sets played basically by ear, their intuitiveness and inventiveness on display for all to enjoy, is truly a treasured experience.

So whether it's somewhere hot (like MTV Spring Break in the Caribbean) or cold (like Vancity during the 2010 Winter Games), in the middle of heated battle (Hedspin is the reigning world Red Bull 3Style king, Pump a past DMC and ITF champ) or somewhere in between - Rock The Bells, The Rub (NYC), LAX (Las Vegas), WMC (Miami), The Summer X Games (L.A.), SXSW (Austin) and CMW (Toronto) - it should be no surprise to find Pump and Hedspin mashing it up, joking around and blowing minds. Be sure to catch them together, solo or with one or more of their EH! Team brethren in 2012 - your ears will thank you.

May 11: Vancouver @ Fortune Sound
May 12: Saskatoon @ Scratch Club
May 13: Banff @ Dancing Sasquatch
May 17: Calgary @ Hifi Club
May 18: Edmonton @ The Common
May 19: Winnipeg @ Green Room
May 20: St. John's @ Dusk
May 21: Ottawa @ Bijou
May 24: Toronto @ Fstop

Eh! Yo Promo Mix Part 1:

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