Monday, October 15, 2012

Stars & Muscles Halloween


How was your summer? Did you laugh? Did you dance? That's nice. Did you miss us? We missed you, and you know what? We're doing it again. Your favourite Halloween party of the year is happening again at Local 522, on October 27th.

Come on down, in your finest long as your finest attire is a fucking costume. You got your 2 favourite studs at the helm, playing the finest house, disco, funk, 80's and all that fun shit. Forget bodyspray, we'll make your body spray. I'm serious, we actually put sweat in the fog machine. So get waxed, get tweezed, and come get drunk on Jack O Lantern Mai Tais. Come with a freak, and leave with a ghoul. We're getting slippery.

See you on the 27th. Get aroused.

A Halloween Jammy Jam

DJ Pump + Wax Romeo + That's Deep
Saturday. Oct 27th
Local 522 | Calgary
Doors at 9pm

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