Thursday, December 13, 2012

Smalltown DJs & Grandtheft "Good People"

So my doods Smalltown DJs and I have been working away on this ridiculous banjo rave tune for a minute now and are fired up to release it to y'all.. ya yaaa dance music is so serious and we are idiots for making this shit, we know. But fuck it. Its a PARTY.

DL the MP3 for FREE at 

The whole Good People EP comes out January 8 on T&A and features the b-side "Stuck Here" and a couple amazing Good People remixes by XXXChange and Nacey

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Richard Garry said...

Nice video simply amazing.I like most the Dj music behind the video & the video clip. I have download the video & shared with my all friends.Amazing funny clip. I am eagerly waiting for your next video.Thanks for sharing with us this video.