Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Da King And I - Flip Da Script

I was thinkin of something to blog about when I opened up an email from my man Flipout. He was lookin for this song so I decided to post it. Big up my man Kilo-Cee for playing this on the Krispy Biskit radio show back in 1993 and for selling me this record at Rhythm Zone.

Da King & I - Flip da Script (Original Version)

Da King & I - Flip da Script (Instrumental)


Mike said...

Me and my boy Joe were reminiscing about the Krispy Bisket intro.... I came upon a 12" a loong time ago with that track on it. I think it was by Da King & I. Anyone know?

DJ Static

alfonso said...

could you please load up the instrumental again .....zshare, megaupload, rapidshare, mediafire. thanx