Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Should Be Mine - Roger Troutman (GT Remix)

I did this remix last spring but have only had it up on my myspace - and it has not been available for purchase or download on the interweb. I used totally different stuff from what EPMD sampled for Crossover and my rmx is not hiphop. Its weird, i remember posting this forever ago... i think maybe stupid blogger erased it? As many of you know, they have been doing that. Google is not so democratic these days... They erased a whole post of a Cut Copy remix i did a few weeks ago. Like, i posted it and Google/Blogger who is working with th RIAA, will just erase whole posts that they feel miiiight be a copyright violation. Bullshit. Anywaaaaay, Ive had a bunch of requests for it. The Stylusts homies put it in their Palmsout mix a little while back which has led to even more requests for it. Im lazy. So instead of servicing it to each of the ppl asking ...ima just post it... again?

You Should Be Mine - Roger Troutman (GT Remix)

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Anonymous said...

very generous treat for everyone!

Big ups Theezy!