Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

So maybe some introductions are needed around here. Being that we're all from different parts of the globe, this could be a good way to get acquainted. My name's Illo and i make remixes, mashups, hiphop beats, and anything else that will keep me busy when im at home smoking weed.

Being that this is The Eh! Team, i figured i would post 2 remixes i did involving fellow Canadians.

Neil Young vs Outkast - Horse With New Beat

Roz Bell vs Dj Illo - Yesterday Man

PS - Im the guy in that pic not djing for Kayne West!


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Duncan said...

great, great mix. just thought i'd let you know that "horse with no name" is a track by america, not neil young. they're sound so similar.

more info: