Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Awwww Shiiieeeeet

So the way this came about,,, is myself, Grandtheft, and Hedspin were all sitting around, and I was saying how "I generally hate blogs, don't have the patience to navigate through them, and think they are overall kinda gay." Heds and Grandtheft were shocked. They were like "yoooo where do you get all your music from?" My response was a shrug of the shoulders. Buuuut,, then I got the thinking. Maybe I'm missing out on some key music by not being on these blogs. So my fellow Eh Team counterparts started showing me everything from soul/funk blogs, to new wave and Rmx blogs. Who knew??? Lol. So within about 5 mins my tune completely changed from "I hate blogs" to "this blogging shit is genius,, and maybe we should do one." From anti-blogger to blogmaster,,, probably a day I will never live down. A dark day indeed.


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