Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Filipino Funk

So I just recently got married on a remote island in the Philippines. I also managed to play some gigs out in Manila and do some digging out there with my man Shortkut who happened to be booked out there at the same time. This was quite the experience as we were goin to these little pawn shop looking places that were based out of peoples houses. It was 40 degrees celcius (Eh!) while we were going through all these records and I remember some of the owners of these places breaking out their electric fans and trying to accomodate us as we were rummaging through all of their shit. They were all probably laughing at us because we were drenched in sweat and our fingers had turned black from all the dust. I've decided to post a couple of items that I found out there. The first song is off a series of RCA Compilations based in the Philippines called Blackbuster released in the mid to late 70's. What these compilations consist of are mainly covers of disco jams played out by a Filipino funk band. I don't know exactly how many comps there are in this series but I managed to find 6 of them.

Blackbuster - Shack Up


NPM said...

mp3 url w/o the ads, hedspin holla

Neoteric said...

good shit hedspin!

Duncan said...

holy shit! this is a A Certain Ratio cover! wicked!