Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bee Bee Oh Why

Remember when all of the djs played records? I remember playing at bboy jams back in the day and I would always save this track until the final rounds of the competition knowing that the bboys would get amped as soon as I dropped it. The first time I ever heard this track was on a bboy video and I called every person who might know what song it was and held the phone to the tv hoping that they would be able to recognize it. After several attempts it was my man Momo who told me that it sounded like a 70's prog rock band called CAN. Still not knowing who it really was the only words I could make out in the song were "Hey You!" and "Vitamin C". So I took this lead and went to a used record / cd store called Otis and asked if he's ever heard of a song called Vitamin C by a band called Can. The owner's eyes lit up and he said that he loved the band and had just burned a compilation of his favourite Can songs onto a CD. He gave me the CD and told me that the cover of the Can record I'm looking for has a picture of a big can on it and that it's pretty hard to come by. I left the store with the Cd in my hand, not knowing how valuble it would be to me in the future. One year later I went to go look at some records at my man Birdapres'. He had the record, I bought it off him, and now I still have to track down another original copy.

To this day I only have one copy of this record making it impossible for me to ever loop the break. The record was also a really bad pressing so in order to hear it I had to crank the gain, the treble, and the bass to the max in order to make it somewhat better sounding. Now with the digital revolution I took a good quality mp3 version found on the cd that was given to me and added an 8 bar extended intro for smooth mixing and juggling purposes.


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